How to play Guns of Boom?

Video games have been the most favorite of children and even adults as a source of entertainment. The First player shooter game is more in demand after the release of Team Fortress and overwatch. These games are very realistic and are with strategies. Guns of Boom faq was created by Game Insight has become popular with thousands of downloads. This game gives the threedimensional effect but us less realistic and more virtual with the cartoons playing as characters in the game.

How to play?

Well for a beginner you will need to know that there is no separate functioning button for firing. The gun will automatically shoot when one aims at the target.

Make sure to always aim for the enemy’s head rather than the body. One shot and your enemy will die. You will also receive points for headshot even if the enemy does not die.

Make killer strikes as you get extra points for that. Twelve points for a double kill while twentyfive points for a triple kill.

Play for your team, do not go out alone. Make strategies and make the shoot.

Always make sure to use grenade but protect yourself from a distance.

Use of proper helmet and armor to protect yourself from the opponents.

Once you are well acquainted with the game, you can hunt your enemies alone but you must sure you do not lose your way in the map of coming into the limelight of the target.

A way to win the battle is by having good aim and position idea from where to shoot. An ordinary weapon and a person with decreased health can also fight the enemy as. You can take the opponent off guard and then make the attack.

You can invite your friend online and form a team. The chances of winning depend on all the players of the game.

You can choose your gun which is suitable for you. You get options for unlocking and upgrading weapons. This will help you better In the game.

Practice makes a man perfect, so it is important to improve your skills by playing the game, practice head shots, take good position In the game and make good aim


There are some points rewarded for showing players skill.

Headshots whether the opponent is killed or not killed.

Killing with other weapons other than rifles like grenade and knife.

The killing of more than two players in five seconds or less.

Consecutive killing without getting killed: chain fragging.

Killing the first frag of any battle.

Though the smart phone is everyone’s right hand and easy access with everyone owning it, there are people those who do not own a smart phone or people those who love a bigger display to play their favorite video games. Though the game has not specifically designed a file for accessing the game on a personal computer with advancement, we have an android emulator like Bluestacks and Android to our rescue.

You need to download the game, and you need to also install an android emulator like that of bluestacks or Android. You might need to reconfigure and will need to adapt hardware resources and to set up your keyboard support. A shortcut will appear on the desktop after you are done with the installation.

Know the benefits of using the Simcity Buildit hack

If you are looking for a mobile game with wonderful graphics and smooth game play with amazing features then giving a try to the Simcity Buildit is a must. This is the most popular games among kids as well as adults. The player has to build a city in the game with the help of money earned and use of their tools. It is one of the most interesting and mind building games that one could ever play. It has all that the top most game must have, and there is nothing to dislike in the Simcity Buildit. However, in spite of its amazing graphics and all players sometimes feel stuck in the game when they fall short of the in game money. This makes the game boring and players star frustrating. If you are one of these people, then this is the right time for using the Simcity Buildit hack.

These hacks are online tools or cheat codes that can help you in getting more money in the game so that you can build your city easily and enjoy the game smoothly. There are people who still consider the use of the simcity buildit hack as illegal and unreliable, but the truth is that they have a lot of benefits for a person.

The benefits of using the Simcity Buildit hack

Millions of people play the game, and so its hacks are always in demand. People use these hacks so much due to the advantages they get with them. Here are some of the advantages that you can avail by using the hacks:

Better processing– the game can be played smoothly with the help of these hacks. They prevent the restrictions in the game and allow the player to process the game faster and in a smother way.

Fewer efforts– the hacks reduce the efforts that a player makes in earning the money. They give the player money instantly so that they can build the city without any obstacles.

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Have more scores– as you can build the city without any delay and restriction, you can have more scores as compared to that of others. This cannot only make you the leader of the scoreboard but can also help you show off to your friend and boast your gaming skills.

You can get the Simcity Buildit hack through various online websites available on the net. These are tools that help you generate as many coins and money as you wish and make your game a better one.

How to get Clash of Clans Hack

You may be asking yourself how do I finish this game without spending money on gems. There are a lot of websites giving you free downloads that let you access unlimited gems. Some are legit but many are scams. Online hacking may not be the best option as they say that COC updates its server store every five minutes hence syncing the server with the game data. It’s not recommended to be online when hacking the system because you will get caught.  There is however some methods that you can try out.4

Getting unlimited resources

Search the internet for any hacking tool that is highly recommended by players, for example, Download it to your computer. There are many hack downloads so be aware of scams. Note the download is to your computer not your mobile phone.

Connect to Android Phone

Connect your Android phone to your computer using an USB cable. You then open the application you had earlier stored in your computer. The download hack software will search your phone to see whether the application has being downloaded on your phone.

Select Number of Gems and Gold

Once application has being downloaded and is active you will get a dialogue box with desired amount of gems, elixir and gold that you want. This is the interesting part as you can get as much gold and gems that you desire. These are added then you your account. Once you press ‘get it’ this are immediately added to your account.

Open Application

Once you close the App and then open your clash of clans application you will notice that your resources have being updated to your account. You now have unlimited gold, elixir and gems without having spent a dime on them. You also would have avoided all the time to acquire these resources. You can now play the game to your satisfaction.

Getting resources from a private server

You can root your android server to a remote private server that will let you access unlimited resources. When rooting you will be required to download an application that will block any restrictions that may be on your phone.

You then will open the Host editor app that will let you search online clash of clans private servers. When you save the Host name you can then be accessing it anytime you want. The downside with this is that you will have to uninstall your current game which may lead you to losing data. When you install the game again you will now be able to access your unlimited gems and gold.

These methods do not attract any penalties and let you move up different levels really fast. Players who have used these methods have said that the methods are secure and you will not be banned by Clash of Clans. These methods are the fastest way to get unlimited gems and gold without spending money purchasing them online. You do not need to be very familiar with programming language for these awesome hacks, just follow the instructions and you are set for the game of your lifetime.

Best way to play Hay Day

If you are a player of Hay Day then you surely hear about Hay Day cheats which is an online hacking tool. This is the perfect way to play the game and it will give a huge comfort level to the player while playing the game. Basically, in this game player have to build and manage the farm of his uncle because his uncle is now unable to handle these responsibilities. This game is very interesting because by this we can learn too many things regarding the farming concept. It will make us able to collect the information about animals which can be seen in the game.  If you want to get detailed information about this generator then the further article will surely help you.

Features of Hay Day Hack:

This hacking tool has a lot of exciting features and with the help of this tool; you are able to play the game in a better way. Now I am going to describe some features which will grab your attention. In fact, these points will also force you to use this generator because by this a player can get a lot of advantages in the game.

Anti-ban method: in the starting of the game we agree with the terms and conditions of the game. According to that, a player can’t use any type of hacking tool. If the player caught in the situation of using the hacking tool then they have an authority to ban the gaming account. In the case of this hacking tool, you are absolutely safe because it has the special technology of anti-ban. They secure the identification of the player by which no one tracks the account of player which is using this. In fact, you also don’t have to root or jailbreak the device in order to use this tool.

Free to use: there are many hacking tools available in the market which requires real money in order to use. No one wants to spend any money for this so they love to prefer free hacking tools. Hay Day Hack is the free tool which can be used without spending money and this attracts people a lot. This is an online hacking tool and if you want to use this then you just need a device in which you can access the internet. With the help of the fast internet connection, you are able to access this tool properly.

Unlimited coins and diamonds: Hay Day Hack is the perfect way to get resources on a huge amount. While there are many ways to get coins and diamonds but when we talk about the easiest way then the only name comes to mind is Hay Day Hack. With the use of this tool, a player is able to collect the desired number of resources in his account. You just need to go to the official site and you will be provided with a lot of options. Use such option properly and play the game in a more exciting way.

Game Review: Tenchu Z

What could possibly be more fun than sneaking up on your victims undetected before dispatching them in a shower of blood? Not much, obviously. This is why a new genre of “stealth” video games has popped up in the last decade, the most famous of which are probably the Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell franchises. Tenchu has also been around for a while. This series lets you assume the role of a ninja in feudal Japan and do what ninjas do best, namely cutting throats and disemboweling unsuspecting samurai. Tenchu Z is technically the fourth U.S. installment of the series, and the first to appear on a “next-gen” system. The game was released to overwhelmingly negative reviews (with titles like “Tenchu ZZZZZZ”). While the game does have a weak story and some broken gameplay elements, I think that most of the reviews are unjustified; Tenchu Z adds a few new tricks to the series, and, given a chance, is actually pretty damn fun to play.
The problem with the storyline in Tenchu Z is that there practically isn’t one. Instead of sticking with the established characters from the series, Rikkimaru and Ayame, Tenchu Z lets you create your own custom character. You can choose the sex of this character, and personalize his or her appearance with an impressive variety of options, and even distribute skill attributes to create a stronger, slower character, or a faster, more stealthy one who is weaker in combat. The result is a nameless, faceless protagonist, who never actually speaks for him or herself. Rikimaru and Lord Gohda are the only returning characters, and they only have cameo roles. The game is set against the narrative backdrop of two provinces preparing for war: you are fighting for Gohda, against the stronger state of Ogawara.

While the game has over 50 missions, only a few of them are relevant enough to the story to feature cinematic cutscenes (most just begin with scrolling text saying something like “X has betrayed us, and must pay with his/her life!”) and said cutscenes are so short that they offer no chance for character development or to establish interest in the game’s story. The ending is very vague. Tenchu Z went the route of games like Unreal Tournament, or Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions and kept the plot to an absolute minimum in order to focus solely on gameplay. This is unfortunate, as a little bit of decent screenwriting would have helped this game immensely.

With the lack of story, Tenchu Z’s 50 missions tend to be generic and repetitious. The majority of the missions give you a target to assassinate. This target is generally nestled at the heart of a relatively well-guarded compound. Other missions have you kill all of the enemies on a map, recover ten packages, or get past a heavily fortified area. One frustrating mission makes you follow a paranoid guy without being seen or losing sight of him for more than a few seconds. These missions all share a stock of less than ten maps, which include a temple compound, a port, small villages, a castle, a cave, and a forest. At the completion of each mission, the player is ranked from a scale of “Ninja 1” to “Ninja 5,” and paid out accordingly. To complete a mission, a player must simply complete the objective. But to score well, one has to be smooth and sly. And that’s where the fun comes in.

Tenchu Z rates your performance based on a number of factors, such as how many “stealth kills” you got, how many times you were spotted, how long the enemy was aware of your presence, and how many innocents you killed. To do well, one must remain unseen and kill by stealth. Interestingly, stealth kills are weighted far more heavily than the other factors, so if you have a lot of them, you won’t suffer much for being seen or killing innocents. Stealth kills are the most exciting aspect of the Tenchu series. These are executed with a button press when the character sneaks up on an enemy without being seen. When the button is pressed, your ninja will automatically dispatch the enemy in a gruesome manner. There are a few different stealth kills with varying levels of goriness, depending on where your character is positioned. If these kills are timed right – which is indicated by a beating heart sound and a red circle – it may be counted as a “special” kill, worth more points. New to the series is the ability to stab enemies through screen doors and while peeking around corners.

If an attempt at a stealth kill fails, you can still defeat an enemy through old-fashioned sword fighting, but this proves to be a chore, as combat is a bit clunky. Getting the button combos for blocks or locking on is rough, and changing direction or camera angles to face other attackers is a bitch. If you don’t time your blocks or thrusts right, you’ll find yourself spanked by some of the cheapest combos this side of Killer Instinct. And the enemies take a lot of hits to kill. If you’re surrounded by enough enemies, you’d best escape and hide somewhere. Trust me, you’ll want to stick to the stealth kills as much as possible.

One major stumbling block to video game design in general is the problem of creating convincing artificial intelligence. Tenchu Z, like many games, falls a bit short in this department. You’ll find that enemies are very predictable. Most patrol a certain short path in an endless loop, while some even stand in place, and just turn around once in a while. They seem to have a very limited field of vision, and they never seem to look up. In most cases, you have to literally be right in front of them in a well-lit area for them to take notice. There are a few ways that they do this. They can see you directly, in which case they will immediately draw their weapon and run over to you. They can see you very briefly, in which case they will head over to where you were to investigate. They can hear you, if you draw your sword, or make noise, which will cause them to raise their guard and look around. In an interesting new feature to the series, they can also smell you for a short time after you’ve been splashed with an enemy’s blood in a sword fight, or if you’ve fallen into a cesspool. They will also be alerted if they find a dead body, or if you throw a shuriken or something at them. The problem is that in any case, they will only look around for you for a few seconds, after which they seem to “forget,” and go right back to their routine. In the “hard” difficulty level, the guards’ senses seem a little sharper, but not by much. “Realistic” A.I. would probably make the game impossible. But it sure would be nice if the enemies didn’t seem like lobotomy patients.

There are a few irritating glitches in this game, but they aren’t necessarily deal breakers. There are some roofs that mysteriously can’t be climbed. When I used the grappling hook to mount them, my character kind of spazzed out and slid right down. Also, there were some occasions where an enemy saw me head-on, but I was still somehow able to grab him from behind and do a stealth kill because he hadn’t completed the animation for drawing his sword. Also, while technically not glitches, I was annoyed by the “invisible boundaries” of the levels, and by the bizarre “bottomless pit traps,” which apparently littered the streets of feudal Japan.

Tenchu Z gives you quite a bit of incentive to keep playing. You must play the levels on all three difficulty levels to get 100% completion. And if you’re an achievement junkie, the game offers a fair number of them. Unlockable items, costumes, and special abilities are doled out a few at a time. My only problem with that is that they aren’t all that useful. With the exception of the blowgun, which gives you an instant stealth kill, none of the items really gave me an edge. Plus, by the time they were readily available, I was pretty much done with the game anyway. The same holds true for special moves. These mostly pertain to sword combat, which is best avoided in favor of stealth kills. And the costumes, while cool, are only cosmetic in nature; you can’t actually use the spiked claws, or the giant shuriken. Plus, there’s no way to preview them before buying, so I ended up wasting my hard-earned gold on sandals and dumb purple kimonos.

Tenchu Z’s online gameplay adds greatly to the replay value. I’ve literally only spent minutes playing online, but this component seems to consist of playing missions cooperatively with up to three other players, all of whom are ranked and given gold at the end of the mission. The few times I played, everyone just kind of dashed off and did his own thing. But I imagine that if you played with people you actually knew, you could coordinate some pretty fun double-team kills on the guards.

Visually, Tenchu Z is the best looking game of the series. This isn’t saying much, as the previous installments were on the systems of yesteryear. While character models and locales aren’t excessively detailed, they are smooth and polished – quite literally in some cases. I noticed a number of surfaces, like dirt, rocks, and tree trunks, which seemed to shine unnaturally in the moonlight. I also noticed a few minor graphical glitches, like shadows sometimes impossibly visible through solid walls and roofs. Also, the locales get kind of drab and repetitive, especially considering that the same maps are recycled over multiple missions. All in all, there’s nothing here to make your jaw drop, but the game is certainly no eyesore, either.

The sound in Tenchu Z is passable, though not great. The voice acting and pre-level narrations are entirely in Japanese, with no option for English, though subtitles are provided for cutscenes. Even so, you can still sense the alarm in a guard’s voice when he sees you. Sound effects seem a little exaggerated; any sword noises are accompanied by an excessively loud ringing, and footsteps and spraying blood sound way too “scratchy.” Music sounds authentic to the period (heavily featuring koto and flute music), but gets quite annoying and repetitive after a while as the same tracks are looped across various levels. It should be noted that you can play music from your 360’s hard drive, though this will drown out all of the game’s sound effects.

Glitches and annoyances aside, I think Tenchu Z is a good game that could have been great if the developers had taken the time to craft a proper storyline, add some variety to the levels, and balance out the enemy A.I. And if they only wanted to focus on gameplay, they could have at least given us a level editor as they did in Tenchu 2 for the PS1. What really burns me is that all the issues I mentioned could have easily been resolved via a patch, downloadable on Xbox Live Marketplace. As it stands, I had a lot of fun playing this game, and have actually invested more time in it than I have so far in Halo 3 or GTA 4, driven by my addiction to stealth. This game is fun for what it is: a repetitive exercise in sneaking up on dumb guards.

Hay Day Hack – Get your Diamonds

Hay day is one of the most popular management based online games in which the player needs to manage the farm and expand the business by using sufficient amount of resources. The major reasons for the growing popularity of hay day games are its amazing and highly addictive graphics. The radio and cinematic like effects can also bring high sensation to the player and improves the virtual reality of this game. If you have smart phone devices with HD display, you can enjoy the excellent game play than your expectation. However, this game is similar to the Farmville game that can be used to play on Face book. In this game, you need to develop vegetables, plants and farming trees. Additionally, you should also feed domestic animals such as hen, cow and dog and so on.

Today, most of the players are interested to play this farming game for free on the Google Play Store. The hay day game is specially designed for android smart phone, but you can also play this game on windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Now, the hay day for PC is readily available to download, so you can simply follow the methods available in the tutorial. The downloading process is very simple and easy to follow that does not have any difficulties; rather you can simply make use of the button. Recently, this game has lunched for the android devices and gained maximum popularity from the iOS users. So, there is a huge imperative demand for this game among the Android users.

Free download hay day on your windows

As like Farmville, the hay day game also allows the player to share the highest scores as well as gifts on Face book. Moreover, this game is thoroughly fun and very enjoyable to play that can surely entertain people of all age groups. To be frank, the hay day can be a better substitute of Farmville on Face book for a lot of reasons. When you are playing this game, you will be rewarded with a wide array of most excited gifts, tools and many other power ups. These are all helpful for you to play this in the best possible manner. All you need to do is to simply open a hay day game account to add unlimited resources for your game play. The great features of this tool is also impressed other players to use this tool.

When you are very much interested to play this game, you just follow the simple steps to download the hay day for PC. To play this game on your computer, you have to clearly update the graphics. It is also very much important that you cannot install the blue stacks along with the outdated graphics driver. Below are the methods of downloading process that applicable for windows Mac, 7, 8 and XP and also desktops as well as laptops.

  • First of all, you need to install the blue stacks on your own system.
  • After installing the blue stacks app on your PC, you just search for hay day android game in the given search tool of blue stacks.
  • One you get the search result, you should install the game by just following the given instructions.

Awesome tips and tricks to play hay day

The hay day hack diamonds has developed by the creative team members. This is a familiar hack generator tool for the players, which allow them to generate unlimited number of resources. With this hack tool, you can get lots of resources by giving the game username. Instead of wasting your time and money, you can simply make use of hay day tool that not only produce resources, but also saves your money and diamonds. You can also gain the unlimited attempts for producing resources by using this tool.

However, it is an excellent gift for you and let’s shares your service with all your relatives and friends, who make you, become the best farmer in the crop field forever. To become own farm and get popularity, if you want to be a successful player on this game. When you use this hack tool, you just enter your game username and choose the desired amount of stuffs that you want for your game play. Let you be the first to use this tool and become a winner!

Big Fish Games Daily Deal and New Releases – Kingdom of the Seven Seals, Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire and Build It! Miami Beach Resort

Big Fish Games Daily Deal and New Releases for 1/26/2011
Kingdom of the Seven Seals

This Big Fish Games exclusive release is available on PC and Mac. Kingdom of Seven Seals is a hidden object game from Big Fish Games that varies from the spookier hidden object games. You play as Princess Vita, who is on an adventure to save her kingdom. The object of the game is to find the Seven Seals in order to rescue the Princess’s family and kingdom. This hidden object combines adventure, fantasy and puzzles.

Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire
Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire is a side-scrolling fantasy adventure game that resembles a retro Mario game, with updated graphics. Instead of rescuing a princess, however, you must rescue your village from an army of vampires, led by an evil countess. Collect coins and attack bad guys as you run and jump your way through levels. Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire is available on PC and Mac.

Build It! Miami Beach Resort
If you’re a fan of Farmville, Cityville, or Sim City, you’ll love Build It! Miami Beach Resort. Much like these other games, you are in control of your own city. The game begins in 1920s Miami, and the scenery changes as you make your way through the decades. Build restaurants, hotels and other businesses that keep your city booming. Build It! Miami Beach Resort is available for Mac and PC.

Ways to make the best use of the Clash of clans Hack

Everyone would like to play the games and some people like to play their game with the full involvement were you can imagine that you are even fighting before your enemies in order to get your victory for your village. To make all your imagination true the clash of clan game help you because it is an online based game and you need net connection for playing this game. So that it would be easy for you to join all the person who are playing the clash of clans game so that your game would be still interesting because you would get an chance to defeat other troops easily and get success before your friends wins. For taking your village to the next stage you have to collect a lot of resource where you need to spend your time. Before you reach your victory your friends would win the game and enjoy. So in order to avoid that you can get your coins easily when you use the clanshacker tool this would help you to generate all your dream coins at the same time.

  • It is one of the easiest methods that you can able to get all your gold, gems and silver as soon as you can get.
  • Install the clash of clans hack tool in the device in which you are playing the clash of clan’s game.
  • Then you have to enter your username and the mention the number of gems and coins that is needed to develop your village soon.
  • Then click on the hack tool and restart your game all the entered coins would be credited to your game easily.

Now play your clash of clans with the full energy

Now you can able to upgrade your place by using the collected gold mines and the elixir and you can able to build all your expected building like the town hall where you can able to get all the things that you need easily and you can store all that in your storage building. Then you can also build your cannons and the archer’s towers and this building would help you to prevent you from your enemies all the time. By using the hacked coins you can develop your army where you can able to attack your enemies easily by your troops because attacking is the only way to reach your success. You must be careful all the time because your enemies may attack you from all the side and stole and go all the things to make their troop so stronger. Because by using the stolen resource they can able to upgrade their place and they would come and attack your place. The patient is the main thing that you need in this game because you need to wait for a couple of the week to upgrade your village but after using your clash of clans you no need to wait and waste your time and now you can able to directly upgrade your village without wasting your time.